Isabella Aimone grew up in Uptown Chicago and is currently enrolled at Columbia College Chicago working towards her BFA in fine art. Her work draws inspiration from repetition, touch, human form, and atrophy. 

For questions about specific pieces or commissions please email

ibaimone @ gmail.com

Most work is for sale.


Past Exhibitions


Hokin Honors


"Untitled - self on lace"

3' 8" x 10' 3"

"Hokin Honors is the 25th annual showcase of work by undergraduate artists from a wide variety of disciplines at Columbia College Chicago. Each artist has been mentored by a faculty member who nominated the student for exemplary work in their field of study

Screenshot 2017-05-10 at 2.09.19 PM.png



Scholarship showcase

Pictured: handmade paper sculpture

BFA Review


Body of work for acceptance into the BFA program

Pictured: wood relief print